The Evil

Featuring Crackers something like a Homicidal Clown; Gorehound, morphed, black of heart and Doktor Deville; the catalyst of nightmares and a being who pushes the boundaries of humanity with a smile.


WOLFGANG PRICE, the enigmatic young genius game designer behind the now classic videogame, Shocking Dark, is testing his newest experience in terror called Killville.  It’s the next stage of interactive gaming where the players are placed into a virtual world via groundbreaking technology that uploads the player’s consciousness into the game.  The game’s artificial intelligence is able to adapt based on players’ fears, to create a hyper realistic adventure indistinguishable from real life.  That is if real life was a living nightmare.

A theft gone wrong during repairs on an elite VR System , delivers the story of a video game taken to the next level. Three tech troubleshooters, are experiencing that nightmare first hand.  They have tried to steal Price’s groundbreaking tech. That was before Price caught them, and under the guise of “testing” the game, has now “trapped” them inside THE ASYLUM level of this murderous game; there only goal is to find Lucy and get her key.