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Our professional network of industry filmmakers consists of Oscar®, Emmy® and Grammy® winners and nominees in all aspects of film, television and music.


EV Productions Inc participates an established production “IN NETWORK”

we believe in the pooling of resources and building relationships for storytelling and audience entertainment of all ages.  At our core we believe in empowerment, we believe in humanity; we also believe in unfettered comedy and mixed reality.  We look forward to working with you.


Adventure has come back to find them

 its a touch on family values through a VR Escape room pressure cooker. Something went wrong but you wont know till the end.  One sister is lost, one is trying to find her. There are different doors to take, clues, challenges and choices; where there is one there becomes more when Killville comes calling.



Today training, teaching and technology along with a growing world, all seem to be moving faster and faster. Multi-tasking and learning on the go are all the time concise activities of today. This series provides individuals of all age groups with some of the basic occupations in careers that make up a lot of today’s active and growing economy.


David was always a “yes I can” kid, Friends adore David not from pity but for his energy, care and genuine interest in the people around him. An inspirational love story with many notes of humor that will leave you inside a full range of emotions while touching on triumphs and tragedies that all those afflicted with cystic fibrosis must face during their shortened lives.

"Thrilling Experience Any Rentable Space

This is an exclusivity; an experience like no other, similar to the escape room challenges BUT add in an active CONSOLE player or PDA Device interacting with you.me height.