Love America Tour

A land of SIMILARITIES with Corin Nemec

Docu styled interview series through the Americas, finding threads of Similarities vs differences Politics and Media seemingly have forgotten and has our country divided. Similar-America, grounded in care, comfort and relatable story’s.



Definition: SIMILAMERICAN aka SIMILARITIES of AMERICANS #loveamericatour

Love America Tour 2020 is traveling across this Great Country and meet/visit with Friends from Twitter as well as Family, Local Leaders, Towns Folk, Religious Leaders, other Actors in the Industry. #LAT is also finding music, food and art from brothers and sisters from the Graffiti Culture. #TCF (do some paintings!)

As a proud Americans, the “Love America Tour “ is an effort to reverse this negative response and fear mongering media and our politicians assaults’ us with everyday. Our goal is simple and that is to bring us all together by finding out our SIMILARITIES rather than promoting our Differences.