Always Another Mountain is the life story of David Foster, an adventurer, an outdoors-man, and a man afflicted with the debilitating lung disorder Cystic Fibrosis. He had a passion for life and a love of the outdoors, which transcended the physical limitations brought on by this incurable disease. Foster wanted to leave this world better than he found it, and wanted his life to serve as an inspiration not only for those suffering from CF, but for all of us. This is a story about the triumphs and tragedies that all afflicted with cystic fibrosis must face during their shortened lives, and specifically David Foster’s life.

This is David’s story; a story about meeting challenges and adversity, about his passion to help other CF sufferers and be an inspiration to them, and about love. David Foster breathes freely in ALWAYS ANOTHER MOUNTAIN.



A dark and humorous coming-of-age drama about Coleman Hawkins (named after a black sax-man), from the wrong side of the tracks in the small town of Beaubien, Mississippi. As puberty hits fourteen year-old Coleman, he tries to figure out what kind of man he hill be and especially how to relate to women. Alienated from his bitter young father who takes his disappointment with life out on his mother, he turns to his more colorful uncle who is full sage advice, and has a sexy girlfriend to boot, but who seems to think he’s Irish and might be crazy. Coleman falls for the sassy new girl at school and gets an education from a rich boy who falls in love with him. Coleman’s swimming talent may be his ticket to a better life and escape from his unhappy home life, but will have to give up his first true love?