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Currently we are partnered  with, internationally recognized educational distribution platforms utilized by educational facilitators GLOBALLY.  Discovery Education and Info Base Learning use Digital Interactive Content,  Content Quiz and Packaged Content  across across their streaming subscriber platforms as well, in professional development engagement access points and events.

As our content grows we aim to accelerate and aid in the global scholastic  (public, private and homeschooling) digital transition through comprehensive standards-based content and community engagement proven to positively impact student achievement.

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Discovery Education  brings the world into the classroom to give every student a chance to experience fascinating people, places, and events. All ers a breadth and depth of digital media content that is immersive, engaging content is aligned to state standards, can be aligned to custom curriculum, and supports classroom instruction regardless of the technology platform.

Whether looking for a digital media library service, an implementation to help you transition your classroom to a 21st century environment or to move completely to replace textbooks with digital resources, Discovery Education offers a continuum of solutions to meet your district’s specific needs.

Infobase is one of America’s leading providers of supplemental educational materials to the school and library markets. Founded in 1940, our company has a long history of publishing award-winning and highly acclaimed resources for K–12 schools, academic institutions, and public libraries. We take pride in creating products that engage, enhance, and enrich the learning experience of students at all levels. And while we still publish individual print and video titles, we now embrace the efficiency and expediency of digital formats in the form of online databases, eLearning Modules, eBook collections, and streaming video collections.


“VideoElephant has opened doors to new markets and boosted our licensing revenues considerably. They are extremely proactive, continually working on new opportunities while always keeping me informed.”
– Dave Pierson, Global Digital Licensing, National Geographic

Animated4 platform for content composed to educate

In development for one of our AI projects  as part of our Educational Division is the Animated4 platform for content composed to educate; our content is great for self study, classroom, homeschooling and even general knowledge. Are we smarter than a 5th Grader? Q & A interactive programming of mixed reality in the classroom based on our current content. We call it “FIELD TRIP – Backpack In a Classroom”!! We hope to see this mid 2018.


Understanding Filmmaking, Understanding the Filmmaker


Catch the Understanding of filmmaking on our Youtube Channel – hear tips an advice from film project development and post production professionals.



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Whether you’re a beginner, or making your next film to further your career, our  content catalog of Q&A videos can help you save time while giving insight on how to maximize time and crew through Development, Pre-Production, Production, Post-Production as well as throughout your career. Our goal is to assit you in along the road to Filmmaking success!


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What is really involved when it comes time to finding your path or career. There are many skill sets inside todays basic careers and there are less and less applicants or new workers into these fields. There are so many choices in todays market that one might feel drowned in options even though you realize you have certain skills that are not being used effectively; or simply you find yourself bored in your current occupation.

Practical experience is hard to find when you’re thinking about a career. Out in the today’s world to have the opportunity to get to ask and hear the answers can be worth making it or not, so when you can listen to the pros give you that real world experience its worth every second you can get.

We are currently developing a series that will address many of the TOP careers from the “40,000” foot view down to the practical application of interest and skillsets required.  Many careers have many different occupations within the the broader platform or title.

Examples could include Public Safety, Working with animals, Health Care and Support,  Filmmaking,  Education, Aerospace, Firefighting, Creative Design and Writing, Hospitality, Civil Engineering, Robotics, Computer Sciences or Development programming to name just a few.

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Cerebellum Corporation prides itself on its dynamic, engaging, and unique methodology that has proven to be successful in fostering learning, engaging students and supporting teachers. Recommended by more than 500 teachers and college professors, Cerebellum programming covers the most difficult core curriculum topics using on-screen graphics, young actors, and humorous script to engage the student. Each title is written by an academic team comprised of professors from leading universities, including Yale, University of Virginia, George Washington University and Georgetown University, to name a few. Our award-winning videos and DVDs cut through the confusion with a clear and concise format, high-tech computer graphics, and a fun approach to serious education. In partnership with The Library Video Company website which has over 6000 products that have been carefully reviewed and selected to be appropriate for the classroom and public library setting.

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At Content Brick we believe that content is a strong foundation for a successful Educational Service.  You’ve built a great tool, now let us populate it with best in class quality content from the world’s most credited sources.

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Not sure how to get your material in front of educators?  Let us connect the dots for you and expand your exposure into the education market.

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We help build your acquisitions strategy and your collection of resources so that you can effectively bring in content for the life of your product. Specializing in Video, VR, AR, Print, and Photo.