Davids Reel


An Urgency of living like PATCH ADAMS and satire of The GOOD DOCTOR

IF you can imagine the WILL and the Passion of this mans fight. Each time he went to the limit but when he cam back he shared with the CF Patients at the ward with zero regrets.  The project pacing has the urgency of living like PATCH ADAMS, where David, better known as “MOUNTAIN MAN” appears as this iconic hero for the ones who are stuck in the ward waiting for tomorrow.  On the other hand we see the background and arc satire of shows like The GOOD DOCTOR, ER, Charlie St CLoud.  The story is alive and light yet touches on the dark but where the meaning is resolved by remaining positve.


Below is a short clip giving you a look into David Fosters life and some of the mountain themes we will capture along with hospital and Los Angeles experiences.

A man and his dream to breathe freely

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